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Jana Christopher

Image Integrity Analyst

Who I am

In 2011, I started the Image Integrity programme for EMBO Press. The programme was very successful and received much recognition in the scientific press.

I started my own business at the end of 2015 and joined FEBS Press in 2017 as a permanent member of staff. 

I have a background in theatre arts, and worked in theatres and opera houses in London's West End for several years. I obtained an MA in Bilingual Translation from Westminster University in 2002, before returning to Germany and starting a new career in publishing.

I live in Heidelberg with my husband and two daughters.

What I do ...

  • Image analysis of blots, microscopy images and photographs
  • Using a semi-automated process in image processing,  I make image aberrations more visible
  • Using a variety of overlay techniques, I determine whether an area has been duplicated, or just looks similar.
  • Compare figures across several papers to assess potential plagiarism
  • Compose a detailed illustrated report describing all potential problems

... and why I do it

  • Research misconduct can misdirect research effort, waste funds, and damage public trust in science

  • It is beneficial to both authors and journals to detect questionable images before they become part of the published literature

  • Papers that are of substantial public interest, or present results that are unexpected and/or counterintuitive, should be screened especially carefully before publication