Jana Christopher

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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

C. S. Lewis


of scientific images

  • Regular screening of manuscript figures for journals as part of the publication workflow

  • Pre-submission screening of figures as a service to authors


of potential misconduct

  • Co-operration with scientific institutes and journals

  • Investigation of image manipulation in the published literature -  assessing the validity of claims of illegitimate image manipulation


training and coaching

  • Training for editorial staff

  • Seminars for PhD students and young scientists as part of their research integrity education


    • STM
    • The Royal Society, The Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Springer Nature
    • Rockefeller University Press
    • Infectious Diseases Society of America
    • Frontiers
    • eLife Sciences
    • Nanyang Technical Universit and A*Star University, Singapore
    • The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
    • International Journal of Cancer at DKFZ